TSUM to the west with Visual Studio Asia

Fill yourself with cuteness at JCube as the Tsum Tsum balloons “let their cuteness go” as they TSUM their way into your hearts.

Tick-tock, tick-tock. Time to head over to Westgate! With the TSUM-tastic clock tower to tell time with, chances of you being late decreases (at least we hope it does).

Now to our final stop, Star Vista! We did our part for the Earth (and burnt some extra calories) as we cycled to generate electrical energy. Visual Studio Asia will be coming to you LIVE from 8.30-9.30pm on Saturday as we celebrate Earth Hour with Star Vista. Stay tuned to our Facebook page!

Visual Studio Asia is proud to be an event partner for CapitaLand Mall’s Tsum-tastic adventure.

Play-Doh Chef Junior

Do your kids aspire to be a MASTER CHEF in the future?

Yes, that’s right! Play-Doh recently launched a new set of Play-Doh Chef Junior for kids to explore and display their innovative side. Play-Doh Chef Junior competition was organized to encourage kids to participate and have a chance to win attractive prizes. In this competition, there were 2 groups of competitors with ages ranging from 7 to 10 years old (Group 1) and 3 to 6 years old (Group 2).

HASBRO proudly organized this event with event partner Parkway Parade that was held on 13th March till 19th March 2017.

It was very inspiring to see so much talent in the group of finalist displaying their artistic skills and imaginative minds at such young age. Parents displayed a sense of pride in their kids’ courage to compete in this competition. With such good response received from this competition, Play-Doh will definitely be exciting you with upcoming Play-Doh sets! Stay tuned.

Tsum Tsum: Bukit Panjang Plaza

Visual Studio Asia had a TSUM-tastic weekend at Minnie’s birthday party at Bukit Panjang Plaza!

Despite turning 89 years old this year, Minnie still has a sweet tooth. We decorated her cake with strawberries, and had a fun time balancing it with Tsum Tsum characters. Our inner artist was also unleashed as we made our own lovable Tsum Tsums.

It was truly a TSUM-tastic party!

PS: Minnie’s actual birthday is on 18th November 1928, this is an early celebration! But one can never so “NO” to cake and parties.

Visual Studio Asia is proud to be an event partner for CapitaLand Mall’s Tsum-tastic adventure.


#DOYOUKNOW “Tsum Tsum” literally means “stack stack” in Japanese?

Pop down to Bugis Junction and Raffles City to snap a selfie with our tsum(?) of Tsum Tsum balloons before they’re gone!

TSUM TSUM Plaza Singapura

Kick off your Tsum-tastic March at Plaza Singapura! Play Tsum Tsum on the big screen while the little ones try their hands at making their own Tsum Tsum with PlayDoh. Or do your part for Earth Hour by cycling to power the clock tower light. Make sure to take home the lovable Tsum Tsum merchandise before you leave!

Visual Studio Singapore is proud to be an event partner for CapitaLand Mall’s Tsum-tastic adventure.

Tsum Tsum Parade

Visual Studio Singapore is proud to be an event partner for CapitaLand’s upcoming Tsum Tsum Parade. Watch live on Facebook this Thursday as Tsum-sational balloons go by. Parade starts 4.30pm.  For the month of March, get the latest updates of the Tsum-sational adventures at CapitaLand malls from our page!

DP Information Group

When DP Information Group approached us to run their Singapore SME 1000 event this year, they gave us the theme of “timelessness”. It was a statement on dreams. Chasing them. Reaching them. The thing is dreams always starts small. Like flying. A dream that led to Orville Wright’s first powered flight in 1903. It lasted 12 seconds. Then Lindbergh crossed the Atlantic in 1927. Now planes fly around the world at 955km/h. A dream is timeless.  And as SMEs, we should dream the biggest dream of all.

5 art galleries to visit over the weekend!

Fashion meets art 
Fashion meets art at Scott’s Square. This exhibition by BAZAAR Art Prize showcases how the winners sew together fashion and art through their piece. Visual Studio is proud to produce this exhibition. Exhibition runs till 12 March, hurry make your way over!

Picture credit: Singapore Art Museum Instagram



Singapore Biennale 2016: An Atlas of Mirrors


Have you ever wondered how an atlas coupled with the mirror can change how we perceive the world? Exhibited at Singapore Art Museum, An Atlas of Mirrors allows visitors to see the world from a new perspective, by positioning Southeast Asia as a vantage point. This exhibition only runs till 26th Feb, make sure not to miss it!

Fifty Years of Singapore Design


Showcased at National Design Centre, this permanent exhibition chronicles the works done by pioneers of Singapore design. Walk through the exhibition to find out how the design scene has been changing over the past five decades!

Instant Replay: ARNDT Singapore’s Highlights from Southeast Asia


ARDNT is a Berlin-based gallery, showcasing contemporary art in all mediums and formats. The exhibition at Gilman Barracks, until 4th March, is the gallery’s first outside of Berlin. It presents a wide-ranging rosters of artists, including Richard Hassel, Entang Wiharso and Marina Cruz.

ReDot Fine Art Gallery


Located within walking distance from Chinatown, this gallery is the only one in Singapore focusing on Australian Indigenous art. It showcases a wide range of artwork that explores the cultural diversity in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island.

Changi Annual Airport Celebration 2017

Most big brands know that a happy employee is a productive one. 22% more productive compared to be exact.

But what makes an employee happy? Appreciation. The recognition for playing an integral part in a brand’s success. From frontline service to corporate desk jockeys and flight controllers, everyone at Changi Airport is as important as the next, each an musician in an orchestra performing a beautiful piece that touches people’s hearts.

This year, the Changi Annual Airport Celebration is about One Changi. It’s not a celebration of financial performance.  It’s not a celebration of its leaders. It’s a celebration not of the brand, but the people that make it up. Because without them, there would be no magnum opus, no piece greater than the sum of its parts.