HBO Asia Original Series – Halfworlds Launch Party 2015

Project Description

HALFWORLDS reveals a hidden universe in the alleys and backstreets of present day Jakarta where an underground society of demons known as the Demits have lived among us for centuries. As the series unfolds, this delicate balance is disrupted and will bring mortals and demits hurtling towards their destiny.

Inspired by the storyline of Haldfworlds, Visual Studio designed the entire theme of the event. The ambience was dim with mood lights. A caricaturist was invited to do on the spot portraits, the protaganist of the story is actually a street artist. There was also a tattoo station where the guests could get an air tattoo, inspired by a pivotal character’s tattoo parlour. There was an instaprint station, where guests could collect their ‘instapic’ by tagging their photos on Instagram as #HALFWORLDS.